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Once in a epoch you meet someone, special, who fluctuates every single thing, who makes you feel more and more relaxed, whose presence in your life is more significant than the soul breathing in your body, who makes you enable to discover yourself to this contrived world, who makes you realize that you are special and you have something best and advance in yourself, who lowers your burden of sorrows and grieves by sharing it and by tolerating it as this is his/hers, who boosts up your passion and moral by introducing a new soul of “ yes I am the best” in your body, whose the foremost precedence is to make you compliant, polite and supportive one. Undoubtedly, every single person on this small planet, Earth, has the same very person who makes your primacies a cut above its own. That special being frees its precious life span in talking to you to minimize your mental stress, making blathers and hangs out with you. In short, you are perfectly leading your life with that person.
Here, “special person” is meant by “best friend”. The best friend is a true friend and rare to find out. A sincere friend is like a miracle in this world. You make your best friend who is according to your nature and temperaments. Don’t take my words; take the words of Thomas Aquinas. He said and I quote, “there is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship”. So, the best friend is needed in every phase of life who can guide you through the dark glooms of your life.
No one is perfect on this globe. The ups and downs in every affiliation are the part of its life. You may clash with your best friend, you may disagree with its opinion towards something, and, sometimes, you may cutoff valuable relations and start spending your lives. Believe me, this life is the same as a bird with no wings, the body without soul. How destructive you are!
Relationships never perish an ordinary death. They are slayed by Ego, Attitude and Ignorance. But in killing a relationship, Ego always plays a vital role. Whenever you’ll put your ego in a relationship, you will have to face the break ups because the building of friendship completely falls down when egoism enters into apartments. People use to think of themselves more than the other individual’s feeling bounded in this friendship relation. So, this results nothing but keeps them apart and let them spend their lives self-sufficiently. No one in this world is independent. Every one, less or more, relies on one another.
Now, have a look at how “ignorance” abolishes friendships. This is a crying shame that people are getting attracted to these. I am taking ignorance here as the lack of knowledge and capabilities to sustain this sacred relation. Building a companionship is very simple but sustaining it is quite tough job. This social and individual ailments, ego and ignorance, can be ruled out easily. What we have to do for this is to sit down together and discuss each and every flaws. When people do proper discussions, they actually understand one another’s feelings and they know that on what time they were wrong and right, what we could do to save our friendship, and what changes we should have to adopt to make other fellow more happy and comfortable.
Remember! All the fallings out may meet their solutions when people use to start to think of their own mistakes and lack of know-hows which weakens their rapports. I request all of you to kindly lower your egoism, break the cages of self-esteem and be the best for someone as you wish other to be with you.
We all are here, in this creation, to help and facilitate others, particularly when they are in hot water. This is what our God and His messengers have taught us. May God shower His abundant blessing and peace upon us! May our relations last forever! Amen!

Written by: Syed Ali Raza

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