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Traffic Chaos

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Lahore is a beautiful city with higher population growth. Lahore comprises of different areas as you can see the real Lahore (walled city) and now the extended area, where different housing schemes are establishing rapidly. Lahore is getting more developed and beautiful, but at the same time the traffic situation is getting worse. It is so unfortunate that people are not fully aware regarding traffic rules and regulations, though it is necessary that people must have knowledge about traffic rules in such city. When traffic gets jammed situation get worse, but people try to fly. Traffic situation and the person’s attitude towards traffic management is just pathetic. It is often observed that footpath is also being used by bike riders when traffic get jammed. Especially on different occasions and festivals, road traffic gets mobbed badly and people get stuck for hours.
I have had such experience, it was Eid day, so we decided to go to the fortress. Usually it is said that bikers can easily make their way. But Traffic was like ants creeping on the road. The Interesting point is, that everyone seemed excited though traffic was creating fuss. The boys were driving cars with full volume of music, bike riders were trying to cross other bikers so they were not hesitating to put their bikes on foot paths.
Aaah! What a mess! Bikers were violating the rule but no one was bothering. People who were driving the cars might be thinking “how lucky the bikers are… at least they are heading towards their destination”. In such situation you can see people fighting, arguing and creating fuss.
Finally, after taking so much time we arrived and then another chapter started, yes, “parking”. Hundreds of bikes were standing over there and people were fighting to get space for parking. Overall, it was a tiring experience, maybe because we had chosen a day, special occasion so it was obvious to face such traffic mess.

On a serious note, it is really hard to drive in such pressure, so hats off to all Lahori Drivers and bikers who manage to drive and still they have a smile on their face. It would be really unfair if I don’t appreciate the traffic police wardens. They are doing such a tough job of controlling the traffic. Moreover, they are always there to help the citizens. Being a citizen it is our responsibility to follow the traffic rules, from this we can proudly say yes Lahorizz are responsible as well.

Written by: Aisha Siddique

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