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The Cascade of Universe | Samra Anwar Mughal

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The darkening of night and sorrow of death was prevailing in the dead-air space valley. Due to winter season sun set occurred too earlier than usual days. All the birds gone to nests due to lower temperature and everything were frozen. The barking of dogs was no more. Streets were empty like an endless tunnel. The silence was mourning like a bloody witch.
Trees enrooted from the grounds were calm like aggressive night.
A sudden sharp screaming voice rose from the north part of the valley. The silence was broken by the freaking sound.
“A girl was howling and her voice was full of fear”
He listened that screaming sound and come out of his smelly cottage. After determining the direction of the voice he ran towards that way. His heart beat was fastened and nerves were getting out of control. Within two minutes he went to right sided street of the lane and fined the location. It was a brick fetid house with cemented walls and a wooden brown gate.
He approached the gate and entered inside.
It was bright red colored blood dispersed over the flour. It seemed that someone had been murdered there.
A girl of eighteen years of age with pretty face and innocent eyes was standing inside of the gate of her home.
She was drenched with cold sweat. The pretty face was covered with tears and her hands were shivering and vibrating.
The old man came to the girl and asked the matter politely.
She was scared enough and was unable to utter a single word by her mouth.
She drew-up her face and looked at the old man standing in front of her.
“A luminous beam of light was surrounded the face of that aged man. He was wearing white colored gown with innocent looks and altruistic personality. His face was affectionate with deep eyes depicting the black seas. Cloying smile was highly attractive and making her face alluring many folds”.
At that moment the beauteous girl was contemplating him with keenly observing eyes but very next moment she started running outside of the house on the street like an ape.
She was running as someone is chasing her. Her soles were bleeding by the stones and pebbles of the roads but she was unable to actuate the intensity of pain as her extremism was at its peak. She was blindly following the path beneath her feet.
Miles away she entered in a graveyard where everything was becloud and invisible to eyes. Sadness and silence was hanging everywhere in the locality. Haunted environment was making everything horrible.
The dooms of graves were pointed outward. Silence of the death-valley was shaking fragile souls. Infertility of broken weed was telling the story of defoliation.
Severity of winter season was breaking the words into frozen memories. Isolated trees were standing aside and seeing the graves by their naked eyes. Leaves of green branches were hanging like pendulum. With the flow of cold breeze sometimes they started dancing. Deadly down temperature was portraying the north-pole in the valley of soles and bodies
Abruptly, the appearance of smoke diverted her attention.
A grave few feet away was blowing like a hell. Fumes were coming out and encompassing the ambiance of that terrible land. The luminosity of fire was melting all the objects around. In the atrocious night of grief and blaze the eyes of attractive lassie were getting wet by tears. By every passing second her feet were melting like eroding metals in the heat of the fire. She felt herself trapped by the haunted blood-thirsty evils of the night.
Her mental capabilities were devastated by the hardness of situations occurring in the bloody grave. Everything was burning in the light coming out there. Heat was pouring the scene of sunny summers in hot desserts.
The horrendous surrounding made her believe to be in Gehenna.
She stepped towards the deadly piece of land the” grave”.
When she saw, she was shocked like a ghost.
“It was she inside the grave” burning into the hell like a melting rod of metal in a furnace.
She was diminishing like ash of a burning wood. Her life was like a blowing burning candle, shivering and sweating was downing her all energies into endless bottoms.
And there was the ultimate end of life.
“Her reflection was inside the burial place like a hanging noose. Her flesh was liquefying like a jelly, evacuating the bones behind.
Her shrikes of sorrow and guilt besieged her soul million years back.
Her legs get bowed down and she was about to fall on the bloody ground.
Suddenly, that over aged kind and generous man appeared with smiling face and charming darken eyes.
She was amazed to see him again at that obnoxious site.
“ohhhh girl, do not be scared” it’s I your benefactor.
“It’s not a matter to worry, it’s a point to get the way of eternity my dear” He affirmed.
Time is wrapping up everything in its brutal circle.
Everyone is running behind nothing.
“Just an endless point is followed by every individual and every living being of this space”
He was speaking in wise and acute tone.
She looked at him with her bluish innocent eyes. His secretive voice was echoed and revealed all the ancient hidden secrets of the universe.
He came nearer to her, she stepped back in fear.
He holds her hand softly and started uttering words. Sweetie let me tell you the actuality of this world in a single word.
The essence of this world is “endlessness”.
The transitory period from one state to another, from one place to the other and from one world to the next world.
“That girl burning in the hell is your reflective image” he pointed his finger towards the grave.
Your sins, your bad deeds, your sick intentions, your harsh behaviors could lead your soul towards the continuous punishment of hell in the depth, where fire broils everything like a cookie.
You are guided by your conscience, in the way of sins and rewards. The narrow thread of partition between these two paths is very critical, captious and crucial.
“Your conscience drove you here in this land of mortality and escaped you from the region of material existence,” “yes it’s your second existence”.
My child “advice for you is to stay away from the evils and firmly connected to the right path of rewards”
“Your previous existence in the transient world was given to indulge you in serving humanity. My dear, to serve humanity is the best way to attain self-satisfaction and self-actualization. The world is made for assistance of other” his voice was shaking.
You good deeds, high moral values and kind acts can save your soul from the atrocity of hell, an affliction.
Then he smiled like an angel and proceeds “do you know about the beauty of heavens? The girl nodded her neck
“The heavens are beyond your imaginations, the beautification of dark sky is an endless phenomenon, green gardens, adorable fragrance, artistry colors and marvelous landscape such an amazing place, I can never describe the intensity of beauty indeed”
The shiny stars of heavens over darken black sky appears to be pearls.
That’s the cherishing beauty of heavens and earths.
“Now it’s your choice” my lady to go for the right path of beauteous and angelic heaven or the wrong path of burning hell.
All at once, he disappeared.
The amiable angel of older age was vanished from the valley.
Unexpectedly the alarm rang. It was 6 AM of the Monday morning. Her mind was engorged by the sleeping witch of the last night. Her eyes opened she was lying on her bed with stiff and perspired body. Her heart was pondering like a ringing bell. “Ohhhh! All was happened in the dream” she whispered. The hell of the grave,angel of the sky, beauty of the heavens, path of the wrong and right deeds.
She was indulged in thinking about every phase of her life and synchronizing it to the parts of her dream.
Where the hell was I?
What is the purpose of my life?
Where I had been in last eighteen years?
What did I do in my past?
What the influence did I make over my life?
Who am I?
It was the time to analyze the matters of that temporary world in the right direction. Her mind was dissolved in bottom-less thoughts of the past and the time was slipping towards its end…

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