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Donald Trump wants to bring back torture

US President Donald Trump has declared that he believes torture works as his administration readies a sweeping review of how

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Third World Employment

I knew the drill. I’d lived it for years. Don’t stop at intersections, including red lights and stop signs, if

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Clare Hollingworth have reported for Trump

How, for example, would you tweet the start of World War Two? Amid the abuse of social media, how would

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New Sign of global warming

OSLO: Last year was the hottest on record by a wide margin, with temperatures creeping close to a ceiling set

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Facebook Live is changing the world – but not in the way it hoped

Facebook’s betting big on everyone streaming their lives in real time, but has it unleashed a monster it can’t control?

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War between US and Russia…?

    War between US and Russia could be sooner than later Right now the US mainstream media is obsessing over Donald’s

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