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Terrorist Attacks on Sufi Shrines

Since Pakistan joined the war on terror with the United States and its allies, a wave of terrorist attacks entered

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Defeating Takfiri Ideology

The Einsteins of Taliban military establishment have come up with a foolproof strategy to win 2018 elections by fooling the

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داعش اور القاعدہ کو امریکہ کی مالی معاونت حاصل ،پاکستان میں داعش تھی ،ہے اور رہے گی :رحمان ملک

سابق وفاقی وزیرداخلہ رحمان ملک نے کہا ہے کہ داعش اور القاعدہ کو امریکہ اور اس کی ایجنسی سی آئی

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Will 2017 see more suicide bombings?

As the new year dawns, there is some final bad news from 2016. Figures collected by Action on Armed Violence

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The Need to Hold Saudi Arabia Accountable

Exclusive: One of Official Washington’s favorite “group thinks” is to insist that Iran is the “chief sponsor of terrorism,” but

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