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Defeating Takfiri Ideology

The Einsteins of Taliban military establishment have come up with a foolproof strategy to win 2018 elections by fooling the

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Why Commercial Liberal Mafia of Pakistan So Outrageous at this Time?

Iman Mazari is one of those promising young persons whom I have been following for the last few years on

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Shia Genocide in Dera Ismail Khan: Pakistani State and Civil Society Typically Apathetic | Riaz Malik

The target killing of Shia professionals, poets and civilians has gone on for decades in Pakistan. Several doctors, lawyers, poets, elegy writers and reciters, professors, laborers and business owners have been callously murdered in DI Khan, just as they have faced a similar situation all over Pakistan. Their only fault is that they belong to the Shia Muslim school of thought.

The liberal intelligentsia in Pakistan has also contributed to this state of affairs. Out of their sectarian tribal sympathies and their general tendency to obfuscate those issues where financial opportunities are lacking, the liberal elites of Pakistan have purposely either ignored Shia Genocide or misrepresented it deliberately in false binary terms.

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مسلم لیگ نواز کے حامی لبرل قلم کاروں کی چیتھڑا صحافت کا جائزہ – عامر حسینی

(نوٹ: اس مضمون کا بنیادی خیال سید ریاض الملک حجاجی کا ہے جس کے لئے میں ان کا شکر گزار

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اگر دہشت گرد صرف وحشی اور جاہل ہوتے – ایاز امیر

جن دہشت گردوں سے دنیا واقف ہے، جیسا کہ القاعدہ، داعش، لشکر ِجھنگوی وغیرہ، وہ افریقہ یا برازیل کے جنگلوں

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