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ڈی این اے کے بارے میں چشم کشا حقائق-مفتی منیب الرحمن (حصہ دوم)

الغرض ان اسباب کی بناپر ڈی این اے کی مثبت رپورٹ یا فارنزک شواہد ظنّی اور مشتبہ (Doubtful)قرار پاسکتے ہیں

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Clare Hollingworth have reported for Trump

How, for example, would you tweet the start of World War Two? Amid the abuse of social media, how would

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New Sign of global warming

OSLO: Last year was the hottest on record by a wide margin, with temperatures creeping close to a ceiling set

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Ten Massive Fake News Stories on Aleppo

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has secured control of Aleppo city after more than 4 years of fighting in what

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