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Reclaiming Our Ideology | Sadia Khalid

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People are always debating nowadays, all over the social, print and electronic media that whether Pakistan is a secular state or Islamic state. In the first place, I just thought that this is not a logical question. Why the people are questioning about it when the creation of Pakistan was unique in the sense that it was based on an ideology which sought its roots from the religion of Islam. The famous slogan was as under- “PAKISTAN KA MATLAB KIYA, LA ILLA HA ILL ALLAH”. Unfortunately, our people forget that creation of Pakistan has been the product of the endless struggle by Muslims. This struggle had taken many lives and people lost their status, family members, dignity, money almost everything just for Pakistan and just for freedom. The name of Pakistan indicated it as the Islamic Republic so if the name indicated it as the Islamic Republic then why we always have the debate, But, due to difference between the thoughts of secular and Islamic minds, the struggle for survival of the statehood continues to date, and is likely to go on, Nowadays, as change is becoming evident in era of globalization and need of 21st century, young minds are getting attracted to new philosophies and ideas circulating on media and general masses.
Ideologies tend to arise in the times of crises and social stress. The two nation theory has arisen when our ancestors realized that Muslims had no future in united Subcontinent. A society having no ideology, when faced with a crisis, may find it difficult to decide by reacting to its ethical and practical aspects as to whether to confront it with courage or retreat from it. At such a moment, while ideology has its binding functions, it also provides a simple and sure answer, leaving no chances for subsequent regrets. Being Pakistani, we need ideology because it is the motivating force for nation to bring unity, stability, and progress and cement binding force between scattered groups of society to bring them on common goals Ideology can bring new revolutions in mind of people for progress of the nation, It is high time to learn from past mistakes and to serve country as a true Muslim with unique ideology. We need to revive the ideology of Pakistan because we cannot compromise on it. It is our basic identity, our pride and our key to survival. There are many attempts to redefine our ideology e.g. ideology of liberalism and modernism but we must reclaim the original ideology of Pakistan if we really want to move forward and establish a tolerant society.

Editor’s Note:

Qalamkar always encourages healthy battle of ideas in society and promote this through its website. Sadia Khalid is a young energetic Ph.D scholar. She expressed her opinion on question of necessity of Ideology for a state and links of ideology of Pakistan with state. We shall welcome every write-up in this support or its reply in sophisticated manner.

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