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Report : Inheritance and Culture

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Students of 2k18 batch (second year) of Urdu and Sindhi Departments gave  Cultural Theme Presentation under the supervision of Ma’am Sobia (English Lecturer) on 25th March, 2019. The presentation was conducted on different cultural themes specially highlighting the Muslim country’s culture. Sufism and Culture of some Paksitani Cities were also discussed. 

There were different groups representing different countries by wearing their cultural dresses, information on charts and flip cards, bringing traditional food of the countries respresented and discussed the cultures and rituals. It was a good effort of students and teacher to represent cultures and acknowledge necessary to celebrate diversity. It also helped to observe that which country have more influence in our own culture Pakistan. As, group A, presented country Iran and it seemed due to long period Mughal rule in subcontinent Pakistan, after partition, took much influence of this culture. Students represented Turkish cultural amd traditional events like International Ankara Cartoon Festival, International Bodrum dance festival, Istambul International Music festival etc.

There were also poetries sung by students. Also, a group presented Pakistan’s Four cultures; Balochi, Punjabi, Sindhi and Pakhtun culture. They presented cultures by dressing a man and woman with their themed cultural dresses and also made food. This activity brought great fun and enjoyment to students and increased knowledge were also discussed. 

یہ بھی پڑھئے:   گلگت بلتستان - حقوق و فرائض لازم و ملزوم ہیں

“This activity is to increase knowledge about inheritance.” Ma’m Sobia

This Activity brought fun and knowledge to together. It gave students confident to be themselves adopting different things. It was a lovely experience, showing affection and respect towards other cultures. Food was delicious and tasty. Dressing was wonderful and fascinating. Gladness and happiness was observed through out activity. Practically things like this activity should be done so it may have good impact on students and may increase interest.
 (Urdu Department, University of Sindh, Jamshoro) 

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