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Pakistani’s should be worried about Cyber-crime bill

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13 reasons Pakistani’s should be worried about Cyber-crime bill passed by NA

The National Assembly approved the controversial Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill on Thursday. The bill was passed after the Senate’s unanimous adoption of the bill.

The bill has been heavily criticized by the civil society organization, IT industry and rights activist for restricting human rights and giving tricking powers to the law enforcement agencies.

Here are 13 reasons Pakistanis should be worried about Cyber-crime bill passed by National Assembly.

1.      Critics say the bill is excessively harsh, with disciplines that don’t fit violations.

2.    The bill’s language abandons it open to mishandle by LEAs, offices, the administration.

3.    Recommendations of stakeholders were disregarded in the plan of the law.

4.    It confines opportunity of expression and access to data.

5.   The offenses are excessively various, cover with other existing laws.

6.    The wording of the bill leaves numerous provisions open to understanding.

7.     The bill particularly can be abused to focus on columnists’ sources and informants.

8.    Criteria for surveillance is significantly more open-finished than in the Fair Trial Act 2013.

9.    Components for usage are lost from this bill.

10.   The bill has presented statements on cyberterrorism, which is not the subject of the bill.

11.  The power assigned under the new law ought to have been autonomous of the official.

12.The power has been given clearing forces to blocking and crush online material, without a court request.

13.It doesn’t sufficiently separate cyber-crime from cyber terrorism and cyber fighting.

Written By: Kiran Nasir

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