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New Business of Dream Sellers

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An environment was created by running stories of corruption on electronic and print media against parliamentary democracy since a decade to build a third party by calling two party system as dictatorship. And those who created environment for third party now called five months old government as a failure and said country is going to be bankrupted soon. In this environment we need a surgery of our system as Bangladeshi model of presidential system. Those men and women who want this change presenting PTI and its leader as sole savior since a decade. They consistently called corruption as our biggest problem and it divert attention of people from other issues. All those people who represent every new government in first three to four years migrated from two big parties to PTI.

Now what has happened in only these initial five months that they become disappointed from beloved leader of their favorite party and they are calling Bangladesh type presidential system necessary. Champion of communication who support PTI actually understand the reality or they are spreading rumors of those power who consider constitution as a burden. Beside some reservations Pakistan came into being through sacrifices and struggle of people and people struggle against four martial laws since 71 years. After East Pakistan only politician who completed constitutional process and give country a constitution. Amendment in constitution is not novel idea and it is also true that not all groups agreed on everything written in constitution. This difference of opinion does not mean to do anything against the will of majority.

Constitution of 1973 make our country united and if any government want to change it than they have right to make amendment with collaboration of other parties. But they have to accept it that they can only do this in parliament. It seems that those who are talking about Bangladeshi presidential model they are disappointed about the party they are lobbing for because their favorite party has lack of majority in parliament which require for constitutional amendment. Unfortunately leaders, ministers and supporters of party in power talking about 18th amendment without having enough knowledge and thinking about the topic. Minister for Railway Sheikh Rasheed said country is going toward bankrupt. Some other ministers think that if 18 amendment dos not restrict their authority than there is progress and prosperity everywhere. Among these desires of ministers and dream sellers this perception become stronger that any other power forced them o say this.

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Without discussing who are hidden forces it is right to say to these dream sellers that Pakistan is multi nation country and if anyone try to change its constitution on bigger level than there will be unrest in geographical unity. These powers should understand that our biggest problem is increasing differences in people and unemployment, poverty and inflation increased these differences. To solve these issues government need to take serious steps. It is right to say that government cannot deliver according to their promises in these in these five months but putting stamp by saying that this government is unfair is not justice. To fulfill their promises is responsibility of government so these dream sellers and morons should wait instead of giving their final opinion.

Again we will say that those who portray Bangla model, presidential system and amendment in constitution should rethink about what they are saying. PTI according to them fail and their favorite leader cannot work according to demands of leadership than why it is not their own failure? These friends should ask for forgiveness on their campaign in favor of PTI since a decade and admit publicly that they are give publicity to a quack. These friends not only understand the disease but also suggesting wrong medicine and they are playing in the hands of enemy of democracy. Now enough is enough. Now PTI is in power and they have right to solve the issues and do policy making.

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PTI came into power since five months though their performance is not satisfactory but they should work till throughout their tenure. Second Pakistan can not bear a new experiment and surgery of constitution. Third by admitting corruptions as our biggest problem government should extend accountability process to these fortune seller and their lords so that real faces of these dream sellers reveal who are always talking about corruption stories. In the end if anyone think that surgery of constitution will bring progress and prosperity than he should go to any psychiatrist.

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