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It’s no Coincidence that Four of the Six letters in Health are “heal” | Samra Anwar Mughal

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Health is a primary component of life without health life is just a sinking ship.
“When it comes to eating right and exercising, there is no’ I’ll start tomorrow ‘tomorrow is a disease”
V.L Allinear
According to WHO health is “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity” .Health has been the topic of discussion for last centuries when the growth, evolution and development is started. The industrial revolution has changed the meaning of health. Fitness is something which overlaps the health in certain aspects. The term fitness means the state of being healthy and active for all occupational and daily activities of life.
Now a day at one end human health is protected by various drugs, vaccines, synthetic foods and supplements but on the other end the human health is mainly threatened by polluted environment, industrial effluents, toxic chemicals and harmful radiations.
The state of being healthy and active is necessary for every individual. Everyone needs to be physically fit, mentally healthy and spiritually integrated. Health and fitness depends upon what you eat and how you consume it. Balanced diet is crucial for better health and physiologically well-being
The concept of balanced diet is wide spread and has different aspects to be discussed. Healthy diet constitutes multiple nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates, fats, water, vitamins and minerals. To consume all the nutrients is essential for functioning of organs and systems of human body. The deficiency of any of them can cause many diseases.
Imbalance diet can result in failure to have proper development, improper physical and mental health.
Contrary to that if anyone consumes more food than required on daily basis it can lead to weight gain, obesity, insulin resistant diabetes and many cardiac diseases.
A balanced and proper combination of vegetables, fruits, grains, seafood, meat and dairy products is required for healthy living of an individual.
Vegetables constitute the basic nutritional values to human diet. They are less in fat and calories and are more in bulk. Vegetables are basic supplier of dietary fibers, essential vitamins and traces elements.
Fruits are rich source of nutrients including potassium, fibers, vitamin C and folic acid.
It’s recommended by USDA that two to nine servings of vegetables and fruits are necessary for each day.
Grains like wheat, rice, cornmeal and oats are basic source of vitamins, carbohydrates, fats, oils and proteins. The amount of consumption of grains varies from age, gender and physical activity of every individual. Persons having sedentary life style should consume fewer amounts of grains than those who are active physically.
Health organizations recommend seafood in diet pattern twice a week. A unique type of fat omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA is found in seas foods which is effective in prevention of chronic diseases.
Seafood is good in different joint pathologies, heart diseases and depression. They are beneficial for eyesight, skin and brain functioning.
Meat is the best source of protein as it contains all types of essential amino acids. Meat is a source of iron, zinc and selenium. Vitamin A, B and D are commonly found in meat. So an appropriate proportion of meat is required for proper functioning of body.
Meat is good for tissue repair, production of antibodies, helps in making hemoglobin and maintains proper functioning of CNS.
Milk and dairy products are great source of calcium, vitamin-D, phosphorous and many other nutrients. They play key role in human health by protecting bones and teeth. They are helpful in growth, repair and proper strength and functioning of muscles.
When healthy lifestyle is concerned one should maintain health by taking balanced diet and doing exercise daily. Health and fitness is not only depended on diet but physical activity is also mandatory, calories can be burned by exercises so weight can be reduced.
Exercises decrease the risk of cardiovascular diseases and prevent heart and vessels from damage. Physical activity combats with different health conditions and manage a wide range of diseases like stroke, certain types of cancers, arthritis, depression and metabolic diseases.
Exercises are mood relaxers they can make the person happy and high by release of certain chemicals in brain. They are good body shapers so enhance self confidence and self esteem.
Physical activities improve sleep patterns and act as energy boosters. They can range from swimming, exercises, jogging, and brisk walking to playing sports.
To sum up all, health and fitness is basically a combination of balanced diet and physically active life style. Both can go hand in hand to make a person healthy, physically fit and happy.
Great words by ANTHONY ROBBINS
“The higher your energy level the more efficient your body, the more efficient your body the better you feel, the better you feel and the more you will use your talent to produce outstanding results”

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