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Is Modernization substitute of Human Honour? | Farwa Akhlaq

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In the 21st century technology has moved to the new heights but in this era of modernization we have forgot the fact that humans deserve respect and attention than this modernization and technology. We have come so far in this modernization and technology that we have left ethics, values and our code of life far behind. We have stepped into new technologies but forgot how to respect humanity for whom this technology is being developed. We are so busy in improving our lifestyles neglecting the facts that still there are people who face violence and are brutally tortured. Where people are living a luxurious life still there are people who are living a life that is made hell for them. They are being beaten, mentally and physically tortured, emotionally tortured and are living their lives facing honour based violence, domestic violence, gender based violence each day. Girls are forced to wear bridal dresses at an early age when they have dreams that sparkle in their eyes, when their schools, books, toys and child hood is snatched away. We live in society where girls are being killed in the name of honour. Where women and girls face violence on the base of gender discrimination. Is this modernization and technological revolution we forgot to respect women a beautiful creation of GOD, a mother, a sister, a wife & a daughter. Where our education, modernization, liberal approach is taking us ? Is this the reason or ultimatum for which one gets educated, modern and liberal to humiliate womanhood? Are we meant to do this in our society? Do we call ourselves humans?

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Are abuse and torture things that give more respect to a man? Is this only which makes them superior to women? Islam is a religion that gave respect to women and girls infact gave more respect and rights to women than men. Do other religions teach humiliation of women? No! We all belong to human race still we see women violence & abuse in almost every country & land. Do we need liberty & modernization to humiliate humans? Are liberty , education, freedom, technology taking place of human honour? Have we found a replacement for women and girls honour? Is this what modernization or modern world demands from us humiliation, torcher, abuse, violence, killings of women and girls?

If modernization demands honour of men and women, girls and children then I fear from the time when modernization and technology will take over and we’ll left behind with educated, modern animals

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