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Friendship with Pets, A Beautiful Experience – Aisha Siddique

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Pets are the real friends though some believe animals are just dumb creature at the same time a number of people are pet lover. Dogs are recognized for making durable social association. A creature with friendly nature as they have proven that how much they are loyal to their owner and proficient for feeling affection and concern. Dog as pet becomes a family member and their presence makes you contented. They show their unconditional love for their owner, yes, it’s all about giving & take. Those moments are just amazing when you get tired but your pet gives you electrifying energy by playing with you, by giving you a cozy hug and by licking your feet. They show their enthusiasm when they see their owner and try to establish a good bond.
Dogs like to experience new things such as figuring out new stuff so they keep moving in every corner of house. Sometimes dogs get aggressive due to certain reasons and they express their violent behavior by barking and showing defensive instincts. Only pet lover can understand how to handle this situation because he or she knows what actually the pet going through with. In such situation, owners are supposed to greet dog with tranquility otherwise pet’s reaction could be antagonistic. The owner must keep some points in mind while handling such state of affairs for instance keep at bay his face from dog for the safety purpose otherwise there is a possibility of nipping. Keep talking with dog in order to give him comfort zone. Don’t react promptly if the dog jumped at you, try to stay calm.

With the passage of time, dogs start to understand owner’s orders so here come the possessor’s responsibility to teach his or her dog good manners. Usually it has been observed that dogs start barking if they see any unknown person at their place, so the owner is responsible to cope it. Another important task for owner is to make sure that the dog is not hungry. For this he or she must try to follow a proper time table it will keep dog healthy and make your life easier too otherwise it would not be easy to feed him many times a day. Being a dog owner, you are responsible to take good care of your dog. Dogs need owner’s time so try to spend proper time with pets, take outside for a walk and play, it will make pets happy and boost their energy. In fact, this is the time when an owner can make this beautiful friendship relation more strong.

Endearing actions of your pet makes owner happy and leads towards a strong beautiful bond. Maintaining this striking bond becomes easier when owner express love for his or her pet by taking outside for a walk, by fondling them as dogs are contented being petted and by bathing them, by trimming their nails, giving a new hair cut because there are many dogs who really need haircut. Furthermore, it is often seen that owner dressed up their dogs as well, again this is such a beautiful gesture from owner to express his adoration for this creature.
Sometime it seems like dogs are your possessor as they care about you, they walk with you, they promptly respond to you when you call them and they try to give you protection when they feel something wrong, and make you aware from danger. Dogs like to live in a family unit and show their loyalty to family members. This lovely companionship with this furry friend is just wonderful and make you realize that pets could be your best friends. Love your dog and dog will for sure show loyalty and love for you.

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