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Every Human has Rights – Aisha Siddique

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When we talk about human beings, this term covers all sex categories. Usually a man or woman come into mind when we talk about humans but there is also a third category known as  Third sex, under this term there are further categories, real Transgender and fake Transgender. It’s very tough to identify that who falls in which category because in our society transgender also a part of Transgender community, so it’s impossible to identify them, second they don’t show their identity whether they are Transgender (Third sex) or transgender. Unfortunately in Pakistan there is no authentic statistical data available about the number of real Transgender. So we can see a large number of transgender who merged this community for the sake of money and the sake of their own sexual desires.

In the case of real Transgender there are two categories male to female and female to male.  Great numbers of these Transgender are usually found in India and Pakistan from generations.  They are human beings, but unfortunately they are not treated as a human being due to their confused personality. In European countries they have their own identity and they are happy in their life but when we talk about our country the situation of transgender and third sex is miserable. Although there is a high class of Transgender in our society who are enjoying their lives and they have respectable status because they are educated and they have some occupation that’s why they are satisfied with their life. On the other side the Transgender belong to lower middle class suffers, they don’t have any economic status, they are deprived of basic rights that’s why their situation is pathetic as compare to those Transgender who are from high class. When we talk about Pakistan constitution 1973, it clearly focuses that there should be no discrimination on the basis of sex but, there is no implementation this is the major hurdle that our marginalized groups are suffering.

Pakistan has a hybrid culture. Transgender in India and in Pakistan don’t have good status. Different attitudes towards them has been observed as some are very rude to them, but, on the other side many people are very sympathetic towards them that’s why they generously help Transgender.

Life style of this marginalized group is different from a normal individual. They live in a group and they have a leader, which is known as a ‘Guru’ who is responsible to guide them in every matter. And guru is actually heading of this family. The other members of group are known as ‘Chella’ and they are supposed to live their life according to guru’s order. Transgender from lower middle class usually they don’t have a proper way of earning, they earn from dancing and singing in different occasions for instance in birthday parties and wedding ceremonies. And they have to give this money to their guru and then the leader distributes it among ‘Chellas’. That’s why the people don’t accept them as a member of their society they treat them like an animal. Due to lack of education, they are unable to get a respectable job for themselves. Begging is another source of earning money for Transgender. They usually decide a specific area and then they beg. Usually they prefer their own area where they live.

Prostitution is another way of earning, and we can see now the growing rate of HIV/Aids in Pakistan. Transgender are victimized as well due to lack of awareness they are at high risk of diseases. Second, no proper health facilities given to this group. They are often seen complaining about health services in fact the doctors and other paramedical staff make fun of them that’s why they are reluctant to consult a doctor. The overall situation of Transgender is miserable they don’t have a good reputation in society because of their ways of earning; they are unable to exercise their basic human rights.

transgender-rightsThe situation of our country is also responsible for this poor condition of Transgender as there is political instability in country. Inflation directly or indirectly affects the marginalized groups, as the poor become poorer and rich get richer. When we talk about rights though there is documentation, but the implementations process is not transparent. That’s why the issues of this group are still unresolved. The economy of Pakistan is getting down and it has great impact on marginalized groups as they don’t have assets or backup plans to cope up with this situation. Another bitter reality is that violence against Transgender starts from their own families when they refuse to accept such child who has a confused personality. The families are not willing to treat them as normal human being and then unfortunately the child have to leave their home and they start living in Transgender community.


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