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England vs New Zealand Head to Head

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England are playing one-day international cricket since its inception in 1971. They have played so far 740 matches, winning 372 and losing 333 games while eight matches were tied and 27 had no result. Their success percentage is 52.73.

New Zealand are playing ODI cricket since 1973 and they have so far appeared in 765 matches. They won 347 and lost 372 matches with six tied and 40 NR matches. Success percentage is 48. 27. 

England have played so far 80 matches since 1975. They won 46, lost 32 and tied one with one NR match. Success% is 58.86.

New Zealand have played 86 matches since 1975, winning 53 and losing 32 games while one match had no result. Their success% is 62.35.
Both have played together eight World Cup matches, three won by England and five by New Zealand.
Today’s match will be crucial as it will decide the one or may be two semi-finalists.

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