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Daughter’s: world’s beautiful name and beautiful relationship

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In Islam, the daughter has been declared as a mercy and some ignorant daughter also understands the burden. let’s discuss it in detail, we see that the relationship between the daughter is in our society, Daughter always wishes for the sake of her parents and always pray for them till the end, Talk to the daughter what is the social problem in our society.

Due to the lack of touch between father and daughter, daughter’s social affair increases. It is more difficult to have a mother who represents father as a symbol of terror, because of which The dreaded daughter does not talk to her father over her social issue, which reduces her ability to make decisions.

: The father should also remove the time and speak to his daughter, which makes this relationship more beautiful.This is a big problem of our society when the wife talks about her daughter’s marriage. The man decides without listening to the story, this child for the future of the daughter. And if the daughter does this with her father, then I think it can be quite a lot.

 But the daughter should talk to the father while living in the circle of civilization and literature and final decision should be given to the father. The second big problem in our society is to marry them with daughters .Many daughters do not respond to the problem of marriage And many daughters are married only in childhood .After such decisions, social issues increase and marriage does not succeed. Because there is a lot of difference between thinking and thinking, besides their co-existence and education.

Because they know each other from childhood and that is why they as each other as a partner of life as a companion Do not accept and cause marriage failure
.If a father takes daughter in confidence on the issue of marriage, then a lot can be solved. Talk to them now on how these issues can be solved. If all parents especially fathers read & follows the sunnah of Muhammad Peace be upon him that how he brought up & given respect to her beloved daughter Hazrat Fatima tu Zahra Razi Allah u Tallah anhu,no one can face any problem or need to worry about their daughters present & future.Allah Subhan wa Tallah give us ability to follow the Sunnah of Muhammad (PBUH)in all aspects of our life & family matters.Ameen

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