daily face massage benefits

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Massage can be relaxing. At the end of a long day—or after a few hours of staring at the computer, you can use massage to relax your facial muscles and calm your nerves. Choose a moisturizer with a relaxing fragrance, and keep your movements slow. Breath deeply and slowly as massage your skin.

Massage improve facial muscle tone. Because it stimulates the facial muscles, a massage is like a mini-workout for your face.

 Massage boosts circulation (& therefore glow). Improving your circulation gives you glow. The more efficiently your blood courses through your body, the more efficiently nutrients are delivered to your organs which includes your skin!

7. Massage helps you get to know your skin. The more time you spend touching your skin, the better understanding you’ll have of which areas are drier/tighter, which are rough (and made need more exfoliation), and which areas are more prone to congestion.

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