Communication Gap between Parents and Child – Aisha Siddique

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Parent child relationship is one of the most beautiful human bonds on earth. Parents play an inimitable role in the lives of their children. Healthy relationship based on communication. Communication is the way to express your feelings and emotions into words, in any relationship it is necessary to communicate with each other openly. Communication barriers are a major source of relationship problems. Parents and children, they make a beautiful bond, but in many cases it is seen that both parties get hesitate or they feel uncomfortable in sharing their views or opinions with each other.

There are many factors involved behind this communication gap. For example, in our Pakistani culture, children are supposed to be obedient, they are supposed to obey their parents, no doubt the element of respect is very important as it is considered a powerful tool to maintain the relationship but in many cases, children start to avoid their parents as they think that their parents would not hear their points or they would not consider their opinions because they don’t have experience as compare to their parents and such thinking create communication gap! Children get irritated when they see that they have no right to speak openly. “Parents are always right” such phrases encourage the communication gap.

Similarly the parent’s attitude also matters a lot, if they are being strict with their kids, such behavior would encourage the child not to share their matters with them. Just because of the fear children start to avoid their parents and they start to find alternates. It is also seen that parents are very touchy about their kids, they want to keep an eye all the times and sometimes such attitude widens the communication gap. Parents want to make their children perfect, instead of trying to make a perfect relationship between them.

Another pointy reason is the environment of home, if parents keep quarreling with each other the children get sick of this and they prefer to be quiet instead of being a part of any conversation. Furthermore, it is observed that children have made their own world, due to advanced technology they are bound with their gadgets, they want to spend their time with gadgets. On the other side it is seen that most of the parents are engaged in their office work so they are not giving proper time to their kids that causes a communication gap. Work and effort is required to build and maintain a positive, healthy relationship between parent and child. Parent child relationship is the most beautiful relationship, but sometimes it gets worst due to lack of communication!

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