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Self Help | Aleena Arshad

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What people want they don’t get it and why they don’t get what they want?
Every racer wants to win the race; every student want to Top in the Exam, every employee wants to win the award of best employee of the year. But every one can’t get what he demands.
Self help demand you to be satisfied with your position, your rank and your seat. Self-help is a heroic virtue. If means that whatever you can do or you are in a position to do, you should do it. It helps in growing one’s strength of mind, and building one’s self-confidence and character, and it also generates within a determination to go ahead independently towards the goal, without caring to look back for anyone’s help. Self Care and Self Confidence lead to success and never to be failed in field of life. Psychologically the factor of well being and Self Help is interrelated to each other. A person who can do his every single work without the help of other one and always thank Allah for what he have lead to well being
Wellbeing causes positive feelings, but positive feelings also cause wellbeing. Investing in your happiness and wellbeing creates a positive feedback loop that is self-generating and self-sustaining. Encouraging your positive, realistic thoughts to create an upward spiral of happiness. Help yourself, but don’t isolate yourself or refuse to consult others. There are things we can only get from other people, and things we can only get from ourselves.
How you can help your own self?
Positive emotion helps you repair from trauma and hardship, and builds resilience for hard times to come.
Try keeping a diary during an ordinary week, and checking in with you a few times a day.
What activities bring on contentment?
Notice where you are when you are happy, and what your body is doing?
Are you outside, alone, or in company?
What time of day is it?
Volunteer with an organization you believe in to increase your sense of connectedness and usefulness. Sit with your emotions, and allow yourself to feel and accept them. It’s okay to laugh, cry, and just feel whatever you’re feeling with no apologies!
Set some learning goals for yourself. Take language lessons and cooking lessons, and throw a party with food you’ve made.
“Live with an Attitude of Gratitude Be Grateful for what you have.”
What you have, appreciate it and Make a list of things you are grateful for, and share it with those you love. Take the time to tell your friends and family that you love them, and tell them what you appreciate about them.
One negative thought
leads to another………..
then another………..
then another …..
Pretty soon you have ruined your entire life
Treat yourself the way any human deserves to be treated: with compassion, respect, and love. Instead of being down on you, speak to yourself with calm attention. Avoid negative self Talk.
Never give a chance to people to ruin you, destroy your career and cheat you. Remember that
“People take advantage of you only with your permission”
Success is often built on failure. Some of the most successful people in the world weren’t successful until they encountered multiple failures first and later self help make their life’s successful
Michael Jordan did not make his high school basketball team. He was later named the greatest athlete of the 20th Century by ESPN. Steven Spielberg was rejected by the University of Southern California film school three times. The Beatles were rejected by three different record companies before they were signed. The book Chicken Soup for the Soul was rejected by publishers a total of 123 times. The series now has sixty-five different titles and has sold more than 80 million copies all over the world. There are thousands of more stories just like these.
What helped these people become successful?
They recognized their self later, motivated own self and then they become determined, consistent and persistent and get a fame in the world
Advantages of Self Help:
People do their duties sincerely and gain the confidence of other people.
People start trusting and gain faith in them and always hold them in high esteem.
Such people don’t wait for somebody at any single step of their life and never fall victims to unnecessary trouble and criticism.
People take the advantage their wisdom and thank them for paying some contributions in their work if they had.
Self-help is the best help and therefore it should be cultivated by everybody. It will not only make us smart and active, but solve many of our problems automatically. Great men in history have always preached self-help, because it is a quality that makes a man great. One can become self-made only through self-help. Children should be taught this by their parents and parent must practice it before they teach.

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