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Abu Bakar Al Baghdadi’s claim of Caliphate and Paigham-e-Pakistan.

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A few months back, the government has launched Paigham-e-Pakistan
(Fatwa signed by scholars of all sects). The document has been compiled through
efforts of International Islamic University. This is the counterpart of terrorist
activities spreading on the name of Islam. After Al-Qaeda, now the Islamic State of
Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is gaining power in different countries of the world. ISIS has a
stance to eliminate all those who are not willing to follow them.
Looking back towards history, Abu Bakar al Baghdadi is known as a specially
designed global terrorist by the United States (U.S). He became the leader of
Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL), alternatively termed as Islamic State in Iraq
and Syria (ISIS) (DAISH, Arab abbreviation for ISIS).
Initially, Al-Baghdadi was not a terrorist. He was arrested by the US army in
2004. It is considered that Al-Baghdadi was interned from 2005 to 2009. He was
kept under training in a U.S military camp. Later on, he was made the leader of
the Islamic State of Iraq. He is a top agent of anti-Islamic forces. He was involved
in masterminding suicide and terrorist attacks in Iraq (2011).
ISIL has expanded its operations to Syria in 2013. They got power in both
Iraq and Syria. In Syria, as well Al-Baghdadi remained involved in sectarian killings,
suicidal bombing, etc. In 2014, ISIL announced a worldwide caliphate Al-Baghdadi
has claimed himself as Caliph of Muslims of the world. He stated that ISIL would
march on Rome.
ISIL/ISIS is a terrorist organization which has damaged the interests of
Muslim countries. It is responsible for destabilizing both Iraq and Syria, politically
and economically. He has been widely used to harm the interests of Muslims and
destroying the image of Islam internationally. He became a sign of terror for other
Sects in Iraq and Syria. He is even killing Jihadis of his own sect who are Salafi/
Wahabi. Muslims of the world are living in 57 countries with distinct culture and

یہ بھی پڑھئے:   ہمارا پاکستان اور میڈیا کا پاکستان - وسعت اللہ خان

ethnicities, social and religious ideology. A person, who is harming interests of
Muslims and killing Muslims, cannot be considered as a Caliph.
As per Shariah, a Caliph is responsible for the welfare of the state and lives
of others. Shariah also disallowed killing of anyone either Muslim or disbeliever,
else than war. He claimed Caliphate to denigrate ISIS in public perception. They
are brainwashing the youth of the countries and commit the acts of faith-based
Writing more! Reportedly, Al-Baghdadi is now casting an evil eye on
Pakistan. He has been relocated to Afghanistan. Afghan land is previously used to
harm Pakistan. Anti-Islamic forces have planned to harm Pakistan through ISIS
and terrorism. Pakistan security agencies are already fighting against these so-
called Jihadis.
Discussing more! The renowned Muftis and leading Ulema have put full
trust in the Government of Pakistan and Armed forces. They issued a consensus
FATWA, named as Paigham-e-Pakistan. Paigham-e-Pakistan (Fatwa) is to refute
the extremist ideologies and terrorist outfits like ISIS. It is a document signed by
1829 religious scholars belonging to all mainstream sects in the country. The
Fatwa has declared suicide attacks against the state, spreading sectarianism and
anarchy in the name of religion as Un-Islamic. According to this fatwa, the state
and the government are Islamic in accordance with Shariah. No individual or
group can proclaim its rule and Jihad in the country. Jihad is not an individual act.
The only state can announce Jihad. Fatwa denounces the use of force in the
pretext of imposing Shariah. The said Fatwa brought all shades of religious
opinion together to commit a unified stance against terrorism.
Concluding more! The general masses should reject the deception of
Baghdadi and ISIS. People of Pakistan should offer full support to security forces
to eliminate ISIS from the country. Armed forces are keen on fighting against such
anti-state actors. The whole nation stands besides Pakistan Army in this regard,
and will not let ISIS gain power in the country. On the other hand, to put this
narrative into effect, the state should revive the National Action Plan and follow
its stipulations to the letter without any exceptions.

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