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A Strong Decision by Supreme Court and Powerful Speech by PM

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Supreme Court Bench headed by Chief Justice Mr. Saqib Nisar ordered to release Asia Bibi in a famous Blasphemy Case on 31 October 2018. After decision was announced a detailed copy of decision was also issued by the court. This decision will be remembered as a unique decision in history of Pakistan. Indeed it was a difficult decision to take by the judges. It is really a brave act of making such decisions in the presence of such extremist behavior in society. Governor Punjab Salman Taseer Shaheed had to give his life over raising his voice for Asia Bibi and criticizing the misuse of Blasphemy Law 295-C to take personal revenges. Even the same religious extremist class propagated against him. This Group of Molvi’s gave Fatawas to kill Salman Taseer declaring him as “Gustakh e Rasool (s.a.w.w). One from Governor’s Guards, Mumtaz Qadri Shot and killed Salman Taseer in Islamabad when he was leaving a hotel. Mumtaz Qadri was hanged till death after prosecution of Salman Taseer murder case. A huge number of people were present at the time of funeral of Mumtaz Qadri and situation take a new way after a sit-in in Islamabad by a religious group after chehlum of Mumtaz Qadri.

Whole world witnessed the substandard talk and abuses by the core organizers of Islamabad Sit-in. The same religious group once again started a rally from Lahore to Islamabad and converted it to a sit in at Faizabad Chowk when PML-N Government made an alleged amendment in Blasphemy Law. Who was financer for this Protest? Who gave initial ‘Pocket Money’ for this protest and who gave them a safe passage from Lahore to Islamabad is a separate story. The whole story of that Faizabad Protest is saved in the memories of all people. Courts and Chief justice were abused from the stage in that protest.

Keeping in view of all these situations, the decision of Asia Bibi’s Blasphemy Case is really a courageous task. Of course, the Chief Justice Mr. Saqib Nisar should be admired to hear the case in right way and according to the law. To issue a detailed verdict on the same day in Urdu & English by the Supreme Court is also a wise act in current situation. Copy of detailed judgment of the Supreme Court was viral on social media. Important Points of the decision were also shared by the writers on Social Media for their followers. Shortly after the decision was announced, Tehreek e Labbaik started protests and sit-ins on various important places of the country as per expectations. The daily routine of public was troubled again. An extremist group threatened to kill the chief justice and other two judges for giving such decisions. On the other hand the Leaders of the group appealed to the generals of Army for a rebel against Chief of Army Staff declaring him ‘Kafir’.

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PEMRA ordered media houses not to telecast sit-ins of the extremist group and mobile service was also jammed in the areas where protesters were present. Previous government had faced a huge trouble for mishandling situation during Faizabad Sit-in. The newly elected Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan took a wise decision to address the nation in current situation.

Imran Khan’s address to Nation was different from the previous PM’s. He was confident in his address. Initially he talked about the Prophet-hood and the Prophecy. He clearly stated the behavior of Islam regarding Blasphemy and categorically mentioned that Law of Pakistan is according to Quran and Sunnah. He stated that reaction against the Supreme Court’s decision is from a small group. Imran Khan expressed anxiety over the extremist group to threaten the Chief Justice and inviting army generals to rebel .Earlier, he also mentioned his government’s efforts in the United Nations to prevent the insult of the sacred on the name of freedom of speech. He explained to extremist group that by creating such unrest in country, they are just helping foreign powers to stop progress in the country. This is not a service of Islam or love for the country.

He also appealed to people to fail the efforts of the extremists to raise religious emotions and respect the court’s judgment. He clarified that it is not a wise way to harm the people and their properties if the decision of the court is against their emotions. He threatened the protesters in a big way, but in a tremendous sense that if they do not return home, they will be treated as per law in a harsh way. The Prime Minister’s address is of course the sound of majority of people living in the country. We may have hundreds of differences on Imran Khan’s policies, but the way he addressed to the nation in the present situation is certainly worthy and it should be appreciated.

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Another important question is on the other hand, should we not make such a law through which accuser got punish if one cannot prove trial of such allegations regarding blasphemy? The detailed verdict of the Supreme Court makes it clear that there is contradiction in statements of both the main Witnesses and the rest of the witness. The case was made by observing the emotions more than the facts. Should the defendants and witnesses of such cases not punished for filling a false Blasphemy case and causing the life threats to a person? If we can set an example by making it a test case by punishing the accuser for making a false Blasphemy case, everyone in future will be careful for using religion for his personal intentions.


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