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Transgender Rights Are Human Rights | Sadia Khalid

by اکتوبر 27, 2017 English
Transgender Rights Are Human Rights | Sadia Khalid
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The cruel society has given many names to the transgender community such as Khawaja Sara, khusra, hijra, Kiner etc just to ridicule them. My question is that are they belong to another planet or are they some aliens, then why they always face discrimination and harassment and bullying since childhood to death. We just outcasted them at the time of their birth. Why we consider ourselves like some superior being or God and blame them to be a transgender as nature chooses who will be transgender, not individuals choose this.
From where this indistinct behavior comes from, it is due to our ignorance or biases, hatred towards weak ones which is prevailing in society.
Why they are not allowed to go to school or having any respectable job, they don’t have beds in hospitals nor do they have separate bathrooms at public places only because their crime is their identity.
Transgender are humans, they deserve all the respect and we just need to understand their pain, what it is to be deprived one. We need to say with one voice, that transgender people are valued, they are loved, they are us and they have all the right to be treated fairly and with equality.
The solution to all types of mistreatment faced by the community of transgender is societal acceptance at every level, awareness about the Transgender Protection Rights Bill 2017 in Pakistan.
Education is the greatest weapon to bring any change and lets this education become an icebreaker to bring change in cultural taboos and based behaviors towards them.
The state and society both need to be flexible in giving equal opportunities in the field of education, health sector, social rights, vocational training and jobs so they don’t spend their whole life in poverty and disrespect.

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