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Quebec mosque shooting: Police arrest a suspect and a witness

by جنوری 30, 2017 English, ہیڈ لائن
Quebec mosque shooting: Police arrest a suspect and a witness
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Canadian police have detained two men in connection to a deadly shooting at a mosque in Quebec City, Canada.

One of the men is suspected in the attack on the Quebec Islamic Cultural Center that left six people dead and the other is a witness, police said.

Police had earlier said both men were suspects in the shooting, which also left five people in critical condition.

One man was arrested at the scene and a second man held after he called 911, police said.

Who has been arrested?

The two men who were detained are believed to be in their 20s or early 30s and had no prior police record before the incident, authorities said.

The second man was apprehended in his car on a bridge leading to Orleans island after he had called authorities, according to police.

Police have yet to give a motive for the shootings, citing an ongoing investigation.

Canadian authorities said they did not believe there were any additional suspects and they were confident that the threat was "under control”.

Source: BBC

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