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My mentor, Best mentor | Farwa Akhlaq

by اکتوبر 28, 2017 English
My mentor, Best mentor | Farwa Akhlaq
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Want to know who is a mentor? Let me introduce you to a lady on this national mentoring day, a lady who fought with the world, conquered her pain and achieved success where she is today. She is a lady who knows what pain, struggle, hard work, suffering and Empowerment are.. She feels the pain of sufferers, She leaves no stone unturned to make your life better, She knows how to comfort you and get your confidence back. She knows what empowerment means.. She is a lady who sees you better than you can can see yourself. She is a lady who knows your hidden talents. She is a lady who knows how to empower others. She is a lady who travels all around the world to be voice of the victims.. She talks about you and your existence and it’s importance.. Want to know what’s the role of a mentor? Mentor knows how to lift you up.. She is a lady who lifts you up seeing your passion and enthusiasm. She plays a role of a teacher, mother, friend & a supporter which makes her best mentor in the world. She is a lady who protects you, brings you to new platforms, helps you in working, helps you to make difference in the world by knowing your own worth. She is a lady who gets happier by your success and learning.. She is a lady who knows how to comfort you.. She is a lady who calls you to talk to you, to guide you, to comfort you, to teach you.. Want to be a mentor? Learn from her.. See her how she helps and empowers others, learn what support means, learn what teaching means, learn what training means, learn how one should guide others.. She is a strong lady who knows how and what mentor is… She is My Mentor.. She is MANDY SANGHERA.. International human rights activist, global campaigner and a most beautiful person both in and out… Happy National Mentoring Day… Thanks for mentoring me and giving me strength to face the world and dream big and achieve big.. A big Thank-you for being the best Mentor in the world…

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