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Irony Braces

by دسمبر 19, 2016 English
Irony Braces
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I am there. Still alive. Half laying half sitting. My body is at what seems to be a relaxed position, but I am sinking deeper and deeper in the chair. My eyes can’t see and the bright light in front is turning me blind – yet I still feel the pain. My fists are clenched, I try to scream, I want to tell him how much it hurts, but I can’t. Having no other option left, I moan. I feel like crying, but what would the people think? – Crying? Why? Does it hurts that bad? Does she have no courage to face this? Is she that weak to cry in front of him?
I reject the idea of crying. I wait. Laying steady, eyes forcefully shut now, fists clenched, mouth open and my insides quivering.
And then he asks me to spit it. Spit everything I had been holding – waiting for his next command. Not being in a state to question his harshness, I do what I was asked to do. I spit it. I spit the blood in the tiny sink attached next to my seat.
Getting a tooth removed for you "ortho” to treatment is surely painful. Braces brings with itself so many problems.

Written By: Hiba Sheher Banu

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