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Hypocrisy of Some sections of Liberals

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rp_aamir-hussaini-new-247x300.jpgWebsite of German radio DW recently published an report on recently missing four secular liberal intellectual from Pakistan including Salman Haider teacher,poet and Theatre director. In this report DW consciously tried to make normalize missing of people from Baluchistan, KPK, tribal areas and even did not mention Sindh while mentioning “The Missing Persons “ phenomenon. DW report says,

“The "missing persons” phenomenon is not new in Pakistan. Thousands of people have disappeared over the past few years, but most of them are connected with an ongoing separatist movement in the western Balochistan province or the Islamist insurgency in the northwestern tribal areas bordering Afghanistan. In both places, the army is operating against "miscreants” and "terrorists,” which it believes are working against the state.”

This paragraph shows that missing of thousands people from Baluchistan , Tribal Areas are not big problem and that is normal because of separatist movement in Baluchistan and so called Islamist insurgency in tribal areas. Surprisingly DW report says that there army is operating against “miscreants “ and “Terrotrists,”.This is disgusting and a conscious dishonest intellectual effort to create categories for missing persons phenomenon. Please see this also:
“But the disappearance of secular writers and activists is a relatively new "trend” in the majority Muslim South Asian nation. Rights groups have been alarmed by it, saying it is a big threat to the free speech in the country.”

What are that rights group who have been just now alarmed by disappearing of four social media activists ( And all four activists are Punjabi by ethnicity) ? Filer of this report quotes Farzana Bari who is liberal activist, runs a NGO and leader of Awami Workers Party having domination of liberal left and NGOised ideas in Pakistan:
"Forced disappearances are not a new phenomenon in Pakistan. In the past, it was mostly restricted to the kidnappings of people from Balochistan and the southern Sindh province, but now we see a nationwide situation,”
I am sorry to say that in fact this is liberal commercial mafia in Pakistan who has now alarmed and now is taking it as big threat to the free speech and freedom when ( again I am sorry to say four Punjabi) liberal social activists having middle class background have been picked up allegedly by security forces. (But keep in mind that these four liberal Punjabi social activist are those among very rare liberal intellectuals who were criticizing more policies of political and military establishment on Baluch Issue and rejecting so called development narrative of state). This commercial liberal mafia was glorifying military operations and worst human rights violations made by security agencies in Balochistan,Fata, Sindh and was passive on issue of enforced missing from Baluchistan and interior Sindh.
One section of Liberal elites in Pakistan even was obfuscating Shia Genocide and spreading false binaries on this issue and indirectly providing support Takfiri Fascism and Saudi Lobby in Pakistan.

We saw one renowned liberal journalist and intellectual hosting a TV talk show “ Mien And Maulana “ ( I and Cleric ) on a Express TV channel. In that program permanent analyst and guest was a bigoted hate monger against Shiite,Ahmadis, Sufi Sunnis and supporter of Takfiri Deobandi and Salfi terrorists (stooge of Saudi Arabia) Tahir Ashrafi. Najam Sethi projected this bigoted Takfiree Deobandi cleric as moderate and pro peace for all Mullah first in his weekly magazine Firaday Times and then on electronic media. In that weekly magazine we saw appearing interview of head of ASWJ Muhammad Ahmad Ludhiyanvi. Such liberals in fact want to save their skins through such dishonesty. But they could not. These commercial liberal mafia demonstrated their worst opportunism on Baluch Question, Shia Genocide, Identity of Takfiree Fascism and on discourse of state on Davelopment. Once again they are trying to make difference between missing of four social activists and missing people from Balochistan, Sindh and Fata.
After reading such reports now I feel that today many liberals making statements, organizing meetings, participating in protests are those who never showed such devotion and activism on missing people like Shabir Baloch and many other political activists, poets, intellectuals and social activists from Baluchistan or from nationalist background in Sindh.

I remember well that I had sent many message to Farzana Bari to make a post on Facebook, to run a tweet campaign for missing person of Baluchistan particularly for recently picked up women and children from Naseerabad district of Baluchistan by security forces but she did not make any post and you can check her accounts on social media.

Posted By: Aamir Hussaini

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