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Collaboration of Youth for Socially Responsible Society

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“The moment you take responsibility for everything in your life is the moment you can change anything in your life”
Hal Elrod

Social responsibility is a literary term surrounds the ethical values associated with everyone. It’s obligatory to every individual to be supportive and determined for making this fabricated society a socially responsible society.

The society is the prodigious responsibility of dwellers. In this country named Pakistan there is bombardment of issues and problems. We have concerns ranging from electoral problems to domestic violence, child labor to health care issues, and electricity shortage to food scarcity. Hence it’s the amalgamation of affliction and blaze.

For the conclusive solution of these problems there is intense need of developing social responsible society. There is intense need to take the initiative at domestic and global level to indulge students in this mission.The youth of this country is worthy and commendable in his skills, passion and motivation.
Pakistan comprises almost 60% young blood in her vessels. The utilization of this young potential for the establishment of a responsible society is the step which should be taken up by the government and non-government institutions. To establish this country in all fields of life is the basic motive. The student of this nation is responsible for this society. He is the one who is the leader of coming future. The future of Pakistan lies in the hands of this young generation, as this generation is making struggles today so that struggle and hard work is developing the strength for their future.

یہ بھی پڑھئے:   خود کش حملوں کی شرعی حیثیت اور مفتیان دین-انور عباس انور

The potential of this youth has to channelize in a productive way to streamline all the affairs of this state. The young generation is filled with tremendous and towering ambitions. To exercise this potential for making this society stable, responsible and progressive is the goal of modern era. The ultimate need of the hour is to create awareness among masses about social responsibility and cultural integrity.
The exclusive objective being a nation surrounds the areas of education provision, health facilitation, and cultural promotion among students at national and international levels. The bright future of Pakistan entirely depends upon the contribution of adult masses, the passion of youngsters and the awareness of whole community

Consequently, youth of Pakistan has marvelous and miraculous capabilities which are if availed in optimum fashion, the success prosperity and progress of this country can be achieved. By this way we can paint the picture of this country more bright, colorful and beautiful on the world’s globe.

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