10 Soldiers Killed As Avalanches Hit Army Post And Patrol In Kashmir’s Gurez

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Multiple avalanches hit Gurez sector near Line of Control
10 indian soldiers and 4 civilians killed
Warnings of more avalanches in next two days

Ten soldiers have been killed in Kashmir as avalanches hit a military post and a patrol along the Line of Control or de facto border between India and Pakistan. Army spokesman Colonel Rajesh Kalia said a massive overnight avalanche buried a military post manned by 10 soldiers in the Gurez sector. He said despite hostile weather, rescue operations were launched and an officer and six soldiers were rescued from the buried post. The bodies of three soldiers were recovered.

The Colonel said another avalanche swept away an army patrol in the same area. Seven bodies have been recovered so far.

The army did not give the exact number of people in the patrol and said rescuers were searching for other missing soldiers.

"The area continues to receive heavy snowfall, but our coordinated rescue operations are in progress,” Colonel Kalia said.

Kashmir has seen heavy snow this week and authorities have warned of the "high danger” of avalanches over the next two days.

Power and communication lines have also been cut in some areas.

Officials evacuated dozens of residents from high-risk areas after authorities issued avalanche warning in many parts of the region, especially along the Line of Control.

On Wednesday, four members of a family and an army officer were killed when they were buried by two separate avalanches.

Source: ndtv.com

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